I had to leave my large one-twelfth scale house in England, so once we were settled here
I ordered a kit to build a small shop, which I decided would be an Antiques Shop run by James Anderson.

I built the kit, made shelves and window  display units
out of mount card, and filled  the shop with a variety
of odds and ends  that seemed suitable.  One item was
a miniature Greek pot, which I found in a shop in the
Old Town.  The painting above the fireplace (shown in
detail in the album below) is my first attempt at miniature
oil painting.

When I had finished this shop, I realised  that I
preferred shops to houses, and  decided that I would
build the next shop from scratch, rather than from
another kit.

I decided to make a Fabrics and Haberdashery, Millinery and Accessories shop, and bought two large sheets of mount/matting card from a picture framing shop in the Old Town.  I used brown for the outside and peach/cream patterned for the inside, and oddments of cream card for the facade.

The shop is double fronted, with three arched windows at either side of the inset door.  The exterior is decorated with brown marble tiles and pillars, and a brown marble fascia board, and a mosaic door step.

Displayed in the windows are a variety of goods, including bobbin lace collars.  On the
counter is a lace pillow with a piece of lace being made with tiny bobbins.

To see more pictures of these shops, please look at the album below.

My 1/144th scale work is described on the next page.

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