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1/12th Scale
Sorry, this book is no longer available.
Anderson's Antiques Shop can be seen in greater detail under 1/12th scale Miniatures
When building Anderson's Antiques shop, I used "The Book" method to create the fascia and marble panels under the windows, and internally the wooden panelling (which just shows behind the shelf units), the wallpaper and top frieze, and the frame around the picture above the fireplace.
In Aphrodite's shop I used this method to create the fascia, brown marble tiles under the windows, and the brown marble columns; also, the mosaic doorstep (above right) and decorative marble floor, the centre panel of which is shown above left.  These too can be seen in more detail under 1/12th Scale Miniatures.

The hat boxes and corset boxes were also created this way, although details of these are not included in this book.
1/144th Scale
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These rooms from the Baby House shown on the 1/144th scale miniatures page were also created using Microsoft Word and a colour printer.

They are the kitchen and dining room at the left, the sitting room and bedroom at the right.
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