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The one miniature house that I was able to bring with me was this one.  It measures
68mm (2.7") across the front, is 33mm (1.3") deep, and is 63mm (2.5")
to the apex of the roof.
The little people I made to go in the baby house were, from the left, a nanny holding a baby, mother, daughter, father and cook.  Father, the tallest figure, is just half an inch high.
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This house was featured in the January 2000 edition of Dolls House World.
1/144th Shops
The Golden Wedding
The Wizard of Oz

This tiny room box is just 2 inches wide and one inch deep.  The Wizard is holding a crystal ball and his magic wand.
I made this as a surprise present for Noni, the Oz of the Ancient & Honourable International Green Sock on the Left Foot on Tuesdays Club.
The table holds a Spell Book, mixing bowl and little pots of ingredients.
The Golden Wedding
Rose Cottage
This is a model of my office in The Towers, Emerald City, which is the office block of the Ancient and Honourable International
Green Sock on the Left Foot on Tuesday Club,
of which I was Bard until I was barred.
Towards the end of last year I was asked to fit out the inside of a 1/12th scale cabinet as
a Baby House.  It had four "floors" and an attic, and I constructed it to have a room and hallway on each floor, with stairs going up to the next level.

The rooms were: kitchen on the ground floor, dining room on
the first, sitting room on the next, and bedroom on the top floor. 
In the attic I put odds and ends of lumber.